Registration for the Aquathlon will take place at the event site located in Dring shore, Co. Longford from 6 – 7.10pm Sharp. The event will cost €5 and you can enter at registration. TI cards must be produced on the night otherwise a One day licence must be bought from the Triathlon Ireland website the night before. There is ample car park at the event but the event cat park will close at 7PM. There will be toilet facilities located at the event also. The race briefing will take place at 7.15pm in the transition area. All competitors must attend the race briefing.


This is a 750m lake swim and wetsuits are mandatory. You will enter the water via the jetty located on the shore. There will be a 5min warm up before the race start. The swim will start at waist to shoulder level depth and weaker swimmers are advised to stay at the back of the group. The swim will consist of a one lap triangular course in a clockwise direction. There will be kayak’s and boat cover present at the event and if you get into difficulty you are advised to turn on your back and raise your hand in the air for assistance.


On exiting the swim via the jetty you will enter transition via a ramp. The transition area will be located between 10-20 meters away from the swim exit on a grassy area. There will be a transition entrance and exit which will be marshalled on the night.


This is a 5k off road and trail run through Derrycasson woods. You will exit transition and run up to the end of the road and take the first left. You will be on a road surface for 300m and you will take the next left which will be marshalled and you will enter a lane way with loose gravel and a grassy field for a further 500m. You will then enter the woods and will complete a 3.4km loop which will be a tough trail run with a few hills to test the best runners. You will exit the woods at the same point you entered and will finish the remaining 800m of the run route where you will finish beside transition. The run course will be well marshalled with people and signage throughout the course.