Indoor Tubo starting November 2013

2013 Wednesday outdoor Cycle finished until spring 2014

Week 1.    Time Trial all meet at Mall, departing at 6.45pm

Week 2.  Mall - Rooskey -   Whitehall   - Tarmonbarry - Mall

Week 3.  Mall - Rooskey - Scramogue - Tarmonbarry - Mall

Week 4.    Mall - Carrickboy - Edgesworthtown - Ballinalee - Mall

Week 5.  Mall - up Soran - down Esker - drag to Drumlsh - Netown - Mall

Departing Times from the Mall

D - Group depart 6.45pm @ 20Km/h average pace

C - Group depart 6.45pm @ 23Km/h average pace

B - Group depart 6.55pm @ 26Km/h average pace

A - Group depart 7.05pm @ 30Km/h average pace

Anyone one who wants to cycle on these days should cycle in there allotted group and at the stated pace. For insurance reasons all participants must be TI members or sign the visitors sheet for a max of 3 visits before cycling.

2013 Group Plan

Time Trial No 4 results from Wednesday 14th August are now available on the link at the bottom of this page.

2013 Cycle Group Plan


TT Results from Tuesday 14th August 2013