Friday Evening Run Sessions

The following is the six week training plan for the Friday evening runs. This will bring club members run training up to the Portrunny Triathlon which is on Saturday 8th June. Each 7.30pm Friday run will have two options.

  • Option1 - Meet at Mall for easy run. This run will suit members that feel they are not ready for interval sessions. This run will be from 5k-10k in distance. We recommend as a club that a minimum two people stay running together. This run can be decided amongst members when you meet up on a Friday evening.
  • Option2 - meet at Slashers or Mall for interval / hill session. This will be a structured run from a speed session to a hill session, for members looking to improve there 5k-10k run times. These sessions can be called or timed by a designated club members on each evening.

Each session should consist of:

  • Warm up
  • Active Stretching
  • Main Session
  • Cool Down

Six week run Plan from Friday 26th April to Friday the 7th June.

Fri 26th April : Speed Session in the mall: One minute on then two minutes off followed by a ten min run then 1 minute at your 5k pace and regroup for a two minutes run together. One designated person in the group will call when to go and when to recover.

 Fri 3rd May : Hill Session Slashers : 8 hill reps with 1 min 30 sec recovery, recovery starts when 1st person gets to the gate at top, all turn around together and go back to bottom of the hill.

Fri 10th May : 400m/600m, x8 Speed Session in the mall starting at the back of the mall complex at chimney breast. There are 2 distances to choose: you can do all 400’s or all 600’s or do some of each. 1:30 min recovery when last 600m runner crosses the line. The 400m runners run to the bench just after the old broken bridge and the 600m runners run an the extra 200m loop also finishing at the same bench.

Fri 17th May : Speed Session in the mall: 1:30 min on 2 min off x 10. Run the 1 min 30 sec at your 5k pace and regroup for 2 min and run together. A designated person in the group will call when to go and when to recover.

Fri 24th May :Hill session Slashers. Ten hill reps with 1 min 30 recovery, recovery  starts when 1st person gets to the gate at top and all turn round and go back to bottom.

Fri 31st May :500m / 800m, speed session the mall: Two distances to choose from: 8 reps, you can do all 500’s or all 800’s or do some of each. 1 min 45 min recovery when last 800m runner crosses line. (starting at back of complex at chimney Breast). The 800m runners run towards the old broken bridge (don’t take in 200m loop) keep right and run along the river and finish at new bridge and the 500m runners take the 1st right across the back of the astro pitch right again at the river and finish at new bridge)

Fri 7th June : As this is the day before portrunny triathlon and which will have a good club turn out, the club will do an easy 5k-8k run.