Swimming Terminology

The following are terminology used for winter pool training.

S&G (Stretch & Glide):
Swimming front crawl - stretch out arm and leave in that position for a second or two before pulling. Repeat with each arm pull.

DPS (Distance Per Stroke):
Slow version of front crawl, maximising arm pull to gain the maximum distance per each stroke.

Stroke Count:
Count the number of stroke pulls for one length of the pool. Next and subsequent lengths try to reduce that number.

Same as front crawl except keep your head lifted up out of the water, looking forward.

Similar to Polo except arms stay in the water stretching out in front and pulling back.

Swim front crawl, as you lift your arm out of the water keep your thumb in contact with your body from your hip right up to your shoulder, as if you’re pulling a zip up!

Lie on your back and only use your hands to move, keeping them under the water. Head first use your hands to push the water away; feet first pull the water with your hands.