Planned Road Cycles Drills.

Wednesday evening club cycle will be a mixture of group cycles, time trials, group chase downs and Circuit Chase Down. These sessions will allow members to get out on the road in the evenings and introduce some speed into the legs for the tri season ahead.

Sessions Explained:
Chase Down - In the chase down the C group will leave the Mall at 6:45 with the B and A groups following at later time intervals depending on the distance that evening. Each group will be required to hold the allocated average speed of, C’s 26kph, B’s 31kph, and A’s 34kph. The time intervals have been calculated so that the groups should merge in the last few kms. Each evening the chase down will finish at 100 meter roundabout sign on the approach to Abbot’s roundabout.

A, B & C 1 Min Apart -The A group will leave first at an average speed of 32kph+, the B’s 1 min later at 28kph+ and the C’s 1 min later at 25kph+. The A and B groups will not slow down to wait on anyone who is dropped. If you are dropped you should stop and wait for the next group which should only be a few minutes back.

15km TT – Individual Time Trial from Newtownforbes out the N4 to the Rooskey roundabout and back the N4 to Newtownforbes. Everyone will leave the Mall at 6:45 and cycle to the start point which is located 100 meters past the convent in Newtownforbes. Riders will then be set off at 30 second intervals, C’s first followed by B’s and then A’s. No Drafting Allowed.

20km TT - Individual Time Trial starting at Scramogue Cross back to Longford, finishing before the new N4 roundabout on the new bypass. Everyone will leave the Mall at 6:40 and cycle to the start line at Scramogue Cross. Riders will then be set off at 30 second intervals with the C’s first followed by B’s and then the A’s. No Drafting Allowed.

Circuit Chase Down – Everyone will leave the Mall at 6:45 and head to the start point at just past Abbots on the Ballinalee road. The B group will leave first to complete 4 laps of the duathlon circuit (46km)(Abbots to Abbots, not back to the Mall). The A group will set off 7 mins later to complete the 4 laps. The C group will leave immediately after the A group to complete 3 laps (34.5km). The aim is for the B’s to catch the C’s before they complete their 3 laps, and for the A’s to catch the B’s and C’s before the finish. Again the average speeds are A’s 34kph, B’s 31kph and C’s 26kph. The group is only as strong as its weakest rider, the groups must stay together, no one can be dropped from the group (mechanical or puncture are the only exception).The A, B &C groups will be sorted out after the 15km TT.

Saturday Cycle: Saturday cycles will be a chance to get some distance into the legs over the coming months, the plan is to have anything from 2 to 4 hours of cycling within a group. There will be a group leader on these spin's to make sure riders stick to the plan. Make sure to have a spare tube & pump with you and make sure to bring food and drink with you on these spins.

On Saturday morning 2 different groups will leave the mall at 8.30AM:
GROUP 1> 60-90km distance at an avg speed of 27-28kph.
GROUP2> 40km distance at avg speed of 25kph, this group will have the rostered captain as an experienced cyclist.