It is hoped to run this triathlon again in 2024. This event comprises of the following races.

  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Try-a-Tri Triathlon
  • Longford Tri Kidaton

Race registration will be through Triathlon Ireland. Please note Triathlon Ireland do not permit entry on the day of the event. Also you must have a valid Triathlon Ireland race licence to race and we are not permitted to sell these on the day

The swim route is a 750 meter clockwise triangular swim course in the river Shannon. Water entry is at the slip way below the Tarmon Harbour lock. Try-a-Tri competitors will complete a 200m clockwise swim out to a buoy positioned 100m out and then swim back to the slip way that competitors previously entered by. Swimmers will be swimming out of there dept. Transition will be located 30 meters from swim exit at the tarmacadam car park on the Bank of the Shannon river below the Lock. During transition competitors will enter and exit the transition area from opposite ends.

The bike follows a 20km out and back course. Upon exiting the Tarmon Harbour housing estate competitors turn right heading east over the N5 Shannon Bridge toward Longford Town. The bike is on open roads and competitors are asked to use the hard shoulder. At the first roundabout on the N5 competitors take the first exit along the N5 bypass passing by the fiddle sculpture. The second roundabout at the junction of the N4/N5 is at the half-way point of the bike course and this is the turnaround point. From here competitors return to Tarmonbarry along the N5 following the same route and re-entering transition through the same point that they previously exited.

The run is a 5k out and back route through Tarmon Harbour housing estate, Then across the N5 Shannon bridge and taking a right turn in the direction of Clondra village. From here is is a straight run to a turn around cone which will be positioned on road past Clondra village 50 meters short of re-entering back onto the N5. From this turnaround cone it is back to Tarmonbarry N5 Shannon Bridge, crossing the N5 Shannon Bridge and a quick left and using pedestrian lane-way to the finish line at Tarmonbarry lock.

Note: In advance of race day, you will need to separately purchase a Triathlon Ireland race licence or one day race licence to do this event. No TI licences will be available for purchase on the day.


A children's Kidaton event will be run the evening before the main Tarmonator event. This events bike and run are on closed roads in Tarmon harbour housing estate.

Kidaton race registration will be through Triathlon Ireland.

The children's event will start with swim waves based on age and child's ability. For children who are not strong swimmers there will also be an opportunity for children to do a cycle run only. These bike and run only children can leave transition when the last Triathlon child in their age group has left transition after their swim. Children's swim will be from a water standing start at the beach area where we enter for the adult open water swims. A buoy will be positioned out from shore and the children will swim out and around this buoy and back to shore. Kayak and boat water cover will be used for the safety of the children but children should be comfortable swimming out of their dept. Bike will be a one loop 1.78km course on closed Tarmon Harbour housing estate roads. The run will also be a one loop 790 meter on closed roads on Tarmon Harbour housing estate road using the same finish gantry which will be used on the following day for the adult event.

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Note: Children are permitted to purchase a one-day race licence (insurance) on the evening of the children's event along with entry fee to compete. In order to use the Triathlon Ireland entry option the child's parent must be registered as a Triathlon Ireland site user to pre-register for the event online.